IFR Operations to/from LSZK

  • Speck LSZK does not feature IFR procedures. Therefore, a "leaving" (flight rules Y) flight plan has to be filed when arriving, or a "joining" (flight rules Z) flight plan has to be filed when departing.
  • Arrival (Leaving) Routings
    Direction | Min RFL | Routing
    North | F100 | KUDIS N851
    East | F090 | DEGES Z1
    West | F080 | ARIG J50
    South | F140 | ARTAG T53
  • Departure (Joining) Routings
    Direction | Min RFL | Routing
    North | F060 | N850 TRA Z601 ZUE
    East | F080 | L856 AKABI
    West | F080 | J50 BARIG
    South | F140 | N851 ELMUR
  • Before departing on a joining flight, call Zürich ACC on telephone +41439316965, to obtain the squawk code and joining instructions (such as the frequency to call). Often, the frequency to call is Zürich Departure 125.950MHz, but it may be different depending on routing and runway in use at Zürich. See Swiss AIP ENR
  • If Dübendorf TWR 118.975MHz is active (normally during military operating hours MON-FRI, but Zürich ACC may tell), they are usually very helpful. On westbound flights, ask them to climb to 4500ft (if weather permits) direction BARIG, and to coordinate the IFR joining.
  • Eurocontrol Public Portal (for flight plan verification)
  • If weather is difficult, holes in the cloud cover may often be found in the region southern end of lake Zürich, and the Linth plain. Check the webcams of:

IFR Training

Theoretical Training

JAA Learning Objectives (i.e. subjects of the written exam)

Practical Training

For Training in Friedrichshafen EDNY, prearrange payment by calling Luftaufsicht +497541284120, giving them your credit card number and your e-mail address. They will then bill your credit card and send you a PDF invoice by e-mail. This saves you the trip to the C-office and thus through border control, and therefore much time. Do not forget to file and activate a customs declaration if you put your wheels on the ground.

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